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ok I got an idea that literally might blow up in my face --so I thought id ask u if u know if anyines tried it yet ----
im going to be building a homemade oxygen & hydrogen separator to fuel another experiment that im needing the hydrogen ----so I was wondering if I could pupe the unwanted oxy inot my air pump to add extra oxygen to my aquaponics system --granted it wont be insanely huge amounts ---but do you think itd make the air pump go boom ??? ---feel free to repost this onto the site if you want ---I didn't know where to put it at so I sent it too you

Oliver: "First, please do not use private message for your questions. They need to be shared with everyone on the forum.

"I see no reason why it would not work. What kind of separator are you using? I've been thinking of doing this myself."

thechaossmurf "Oliver im going to be using a home-built oxygen separator design --basically a you-tube design I found somewhere ---my main question was if there is any chance of an explosion from an air pump if it had a tad extra oxygen in its intake though && honestly I got no idea where to post it at here"