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    media size

    Hello DIYers

    I'm building a flood and drain system and have settled on granite as my media of choice. The river rock in my area was my first choice but it bubbled in vinegar. My problem with the granite is the availability of suitable sizes. I'm looking for 3/4 inch rock. The granite labled 1/2 inch contains many smaller pieces, and the granite labeled 3/4 inch contains many pieces that are 1 inch or even 2 inches.
    Any ideas or suggesdtions?

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    It would help if we knew where you live? To be honest I would just call the local gardening and landscape company as they have lots of choices. If not, they might be able to point you in the right direction.


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    The rock with these measurements are not uniform at all - it's the size of screen used to sort it. Often times, larger pieces will get thru with all the bouncing (or just bounce over the screen into the pile). When using media from the landscaping stores, I use 3/4" lava rock - lava is really light and pourus, but it's sharp, so if you're planning on using worms, you'll have to find another place for them in your system. I saw one guy who had his return line pour into a pail of filter floss, and put his worms in there.
    Jason M.

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