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    Re: New Micro Farm System

    Quote Originally Posted by topz
    Oliver how is the system doing haven't seen any new posts in almost a year's it going Oliver ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apollo View Post
    Oliver, thanks for the new information on Nitrate' high is too high. It answered one of my most asked questions and is the best answer as to why my fish were dying.

    Your statement on trying to determine where the level was once it exceeded 40 ppm was right on...mine were pushing 200 ppm. I did it your way "if you dilute the fish tank water in the test tube by a ratio of 4:1 with distilled water (4 parts total, 3 distilled, 1 FT water) then you would multiply the measured results by 4." to find out what my Nitrate level was at.

    Now let me ask you this, I just took my FT water and add 2 drop instead of 10 drops to test the water. That's 20% testing solution into the FT water, than multiplied the reading by 5 to bring it back up to the 100% range. It seems to me that the read out is the same...which was way too high. I backed off on fish food and started doing water exchanges to get my Nitrate level back down to around 100 ppm.

    I also think that the high Nitrate level had a negative affect on my plants.
    Apollo, how did this adjustment to the nitrate test work for you? After the water and food adjustments, did your plants start doing better?

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    I think Apollo quit the forum....
    Jason M.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jvision View Post
    I think Apollo quit the forum....
    I do belive that jason is correct. Apollo was was unhappy with the changes I made when I took over the community and left. It is a shame but it does happen. Maybe if you drop him a Pm he might respond to you privately as from his previous posts he has always been more then willing to share his knowledge.


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