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    Re: Solar Panels and Backup UPS Battery backup

    Solar panels are the best way to generate electricity directly from the sun energy with the help of photovoltaic cells. Nowadays, many people are installing solar panel to cut electric bills.

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    Re: Solar Panels and Backup UPS Battery backup

    I want to know if you guys have ever used solar panels in boat, I read about it in article as I am using solar panel at my home but solar panel boat is a new concept for me. I am wondering if anyone would share their thoughts on this one and plans of performing too.
    Coledexter1920; A friend put a 24x36 panel on his sailboat. 2 important points: The panel must be placed parallel to the water surface, and needs to be able to be moved to another part of the boat that isn't shaded by the sail/rigging. He accomplished this by putting "receiver" tubes on the outside of the top rail in 4 different locations around the boat. He wired each "station" so all he has to do is move the panel and plug it in. The panel actually hangs outside of the boat, so it and the wires are out of under foot area. The small panel aids in charging the house battery, that runs the fridge. He has cut his generator use in half, and his battery is always fully charged at the start of each trip because the fridge is off while moored at the marina. Aquaally

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