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    Re: Concerning the FAQ's ......

    I think they got dropped for lack of interest. From what I was told, there just wasn't much in them.
    Much of what we seem to do is 'shared' and is free info for the DIY'er.
    At first I left this blank...but now I believe: "It's better to keep your mouth closed, and have the world think your a fool, than open it and confirm it."

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    Re: Concerning the FAQ's ......

    Quote Originally Posted by Shas
    It's an awesome forum,
    just exactly what I have been looking for.
    I just wish I could find those Classifieds.
    I'm thinking their invisibility must be decreasing the sales by a bunch.
    OH, I just realize what you were talking about. Yea, those have been gone for a while. There wasn't much on them to begin with.

    Were you looking for something in particular?

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    Re: Concerning the FAQ's ......

    No, nothing in particular.
    I just notice that often people say
    "where can I get this or that?"
    and the answer is
    "Check out the classifieds."
    So I was surprised to find that there are no classifieds.
    I figured I was just overlooking something.
    That happens, you know.
    Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you're a nice person
    is like expecting a bull not to charge you because you're a vegetarian.

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