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    Uploading pictures

    Is there any way to upload pictures from our computer to our posts?

    Not all my pictures are online plus my web page does not have a URL link for the pictures.

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    Re: Uploading pictures

    Hi aquaarche, This should help

    How to post pictures
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    Re: Uploading pictures

    that helps.

    the only thing I hate is that your posted pictures become someone else's property. That is the hosting page gets the rights to your pictures. just like when you put pictures in a photo album on Lycos, Facebook and other social networking sites.

    but it may be worth the cost so I can put picture here.

    I take it you system does not have the storage for picture so that is why you use a linking system for photos?

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    Re: Uploading pictures

    I do not allow graphics other than Avatars to be stored on my server because it wouldn't be long before I would be out of hard drive space. The same with videos, could not host them either.

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