I just dumped the last of my Goldies ...... 45 in all .... the only things left are a few Guppies and a Crawdad or two ....... I'm not going to replace the Goldies or the Guppies, when the last of the "dads' go, I'll buy some Marmokrebs for pets, but I'm through with Aquaponics ...... I'll just buy some Organic fertilizers and finish the veggies that are already growing. I'm sick and tired of buying and planting stuff that dies off because of diseases, mis-information (not from this forum)and just general bad luck. I'm the epitome of the old Irish saw "if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all." I've given up! I may lurk once in a while just to see what's happening with you all, but aquaponics is no longer going to be part of my vocabulary ....... I'll just finish what I started, and go away quietly ...... I'm no farmer, no matter what or how I try ...... Thanks to the contributors for all the help I've got from this forum ....... Jim