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    Re: State Tilapia Regulations

    FLORIDA Update.... ... quaponics/

    Interest in private home aquaponics systems is increasing, and Floridians should be aware of the regulations that pertain to personal aquaponics projects.

    Commercial aquaponics is also becoming popular. These businesses include vendors that sell food products to the public and vendors that sell supplies for aquaponic systems.

    ?Permit requirements for blue tilapia vary by FWC region
    ?No permit is needed to possess blue tilapia in the South, Southwest and Northeast FWC regions, and in Citrus County in the North Central region
    ?A conditional species permit is required to possess blue tilapia in the Northwest region and the North Central region (except for Citrus County)
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    Updates to NC Tilapia Permits

    Updated links for NC residents in Aquaponics.

    Authorization to Culture Non-Approved Fish Species. (Tilapia -Mainly Nile Tilapia) Permit is free. ... ecies.aspx

    Commercial Aquaculture license .

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