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    solar water pumping

    Is anyone knowledgeable about solar water pumping set ups ?
    in my case I need to pump about 8 g.p.m./500 g.p.h. up less than 4' to my bed.
    I was thinking about using 2 pumps to get to 8 gal.
    What is the best source of info. and the best place to buy equipment?

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    Re: solar water pumping

    I use an Intex pool pump. 80 watts and puts out 10 gpm at over a 5' head. A 200 watt collector with battery storage will do fine for this. That is what I am planning to do when the budget gets pumped back up. Youtube is loaded with solar panel how-tos
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    Re: solar water pumping

    In my search for an inexpensive yet powerful battery, I found the following battery: ... tid=796224

    at $80 (with core return) it's a steal! It has more than 75 amp-hours available (I got this from the reserve time specs). You don't want to drain it that low anyway, but you can assume for design it's an 80 amp-hour battery or push it a little move if you are brave.

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