Since i've had the perch, i've never been to happy about their feeding.. they just never really hit it to hard (floating pellets). i bought feed trained, but i guess having started the system with minnows (which the yp ate after their first week) they probably prefer the live food.. so i've been looking for ideas and on another forum (pond boss - i didn't realize that was you over there until this week brier?!)
anyways, on that board they were talking about feed training so i took a small tupperware and filled it half way with pellets, and added water..
the next morning when i went to feed, i used the wet pellets and gave them a little squeeze so they would sink (squeeze em hard and they sink fast, don't squeeze them enough and they float) and the perch went nuts for the feed..i even watched 2 come to the surface for pellets during what can now be described as a feeding it's been over a week now, and i can finally tell the fish are growing.. yay! now i just need to get a few more fish and figure out how to warm up the water a little (3 55 gallon tanks on the floor-shoulda insulated before i put them down.. maybe i can retrofit one tank at a time)
i like having the fish in glass tanks so i can see them.. the bluegill are very inquisitive, but not eating much (besides the 2 fat momma bg) - one of them regularly crosses between the 3 tanks through the no-hole slo's, gotta put some kinda cover over the tee's