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    Re: where can I buy fingerlings???

    welcome Tennesseebanjer..
    great to have someone with all that "cat" experience.. i haven't tried catfish, since i'm only raising for my consumption, and my wife is allergic to them
    one thing that jumped out in your post is that your a luthier (and banjo player!) and i have to ask..
    do you repair banjolins? i've got a "Leo Master" (couldn't find much info) 8 string banjo mandolin with a resonator head.. the ring is slightly deformed and i don't know if it can be fixed.. been looking for someone to repair it for a while.. i've got a pic here somewhere

    sorry for the hijack..
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    Re: where can I buy fingerlings???

    Hi Tennesseebanjer, Hi and thanks for the info.
    When I saw 'luthier'...I 1st thought, maybe you played a bango at a 'Lutheran' church.... ...close, but no cigar.. I had to look it up.

    Cool looking instruments Keith...
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    Re: where can I buy fingerlings???

    We buy ours locally at our farm stores (Orscheln's) a couple times a year. Twice a year they have fish days and bring a truck in from the hatchery. My 3-4" channel cats were fourty nine cents each with no shipping. Being an old Californian now living in the midwest, you might look for farm stores on the outside edges of the LA basin, the high desert, or San Bernadino.

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    I'd love to know some sources for fry in my area (Central Pennsylvania)... We used to have a great source for Hybrid Striped bass, but they are closed now...
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