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Thread: Tilapia food

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    Tilapia food

    I was wondering what type of food does the blue tilapia eat other than duckweek, specially the fingerlings? I am getting ready to switch from koi to blue tilapia and wanted to make sure I have everything that I need to get started....

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    Re: Tilapia food

    I sent you a link on you thread.
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    Re: Tilapia food

    All commercially grown tilapia have the same basic needs. Young ones need higher protien than large one ones. About 40% protein is good for the little guys and it ramps down to about 28% for adults. Little guys eat much more % of body weight than addults.

    SRAC has a good set of papers on tilapia. Check: ... tegory/11/

    Download the PDF's and keep them for reference. I learn something new every time I go through them.
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