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    Market Survey info??????

    Hello everyone. Im a hobbiest farmer currently running a backyard aquaponics setup, but am tring to go commercial. I am putting together a business plan and i am in need of market research; to come up with some financial projections. Im workin on a budget and any help is greatly appreciated. Thanx

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    Re: Market Survey info??????

    Welcome to the show....pull up an easy chair, relax and stay awhile. New voices are always a welcome addition to our family..! Whatever questions you have on you mind, this is the place to get the answers. Where are you from? Go to your profile and put in your location there..
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    Re: Market Survey info??????

    Hi cbye......Welcome...

    You might give your local/county extension office a call. Mine has been a great help.
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    Re: Market Survey info??????

    Hi cbye;

    Welcome to the forum, glad to have you here! Questions are always welcome, don't be too skeeered to ask, we don't bite (well, maybe one or two of us, but not all of us ) We love questions, and we especially love photos Please be sure to put where you live in your profile so we know what part of the country/hemisphere/planet you are in ..... someone who lives nearby may be able to help you out personally as well.

    We have a great FAQ button for navigating the website controls, etc. at the top of the page, next to the "Members" button, please check it out if you haven't already done so.
    We also have another FAQ section which contains many of the hints and tips that have been collected along the way ..........

    Before posting any URLs or emails, please take a look at the Forum Rules .....
    If you see something that you would like added to these FAQs, please let a moderator or admin know, and we'll discuss it and possibly add it to the list!

    BTW, we have a special section for off-topic conversations called "The Sump" to hopefully avoid crapping threads and keeping things on topic

    Once again, WELCOME TO THE FORUM

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    Re: Market Survey info??????


    Whats your backyard system like. Any pictures.

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