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    Good Source for Seed

    I am thinking about adding Genovese Basil in my greenhouse. I have researched it a little and it sounds like an herb that could be sold to upscale restaurants at a fair profit. Does anyone know where I could find a good source for seeds for this particular herb?

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    Re: Good Source for Seed


    I have rasied Genovese Basil. It's easy to grow and it is really good for cooking. Here is the link to where I bought my seed. This company has been in business for years and produce just what the advertise. ... Ten%20Main

    Hope you enjoy the basil as much as I do.

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    Re: Good Source for Seed

    Hi ya ponickers,

    I have never tried Genovese Basil, but you've peeked my interest to the point that I think I'll give it a shot. Couldn't hurt and you just might be onto something with it>

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