Attention Veterans!

Both Lowes and Home Depot will give you a 10% discount on your purchases if you flash a 'vets card' when making a purchase. These cards are easily obtainable by going to your nearest Vets Administration facility (hospital, etc.) and they will make you a photo ID from the Vets Administration which both Lowes and Home Depot will accept. Call first to find out what kind of papers you will need - I only needed my DD214 and my Montana Driver's License to prove who I was! I have used mine in Montana and Tennessee, and this is said to be a nationwide offer, so when you are in need of building materials to put your AP system together (or add to it as you expand), Use your Vets card! Save a buck or two! With Tennessee having a 10% tax, it saved us the cost of the tax.

The preceding announcement is a public service brought to you by DIY Aquaponics!