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    Electric Blues

    Electric Blues...sounds like a B.B. King song Anyway I have dug into them a bit and feel free to correct me if I am wrong. So far all I have found on the Blue Florida Crayfish (Electric Blue), is they are apparently grown in large ponds and more for the pet trade and not for the dinner table.

    In some pet stores they sell for as much as $25 each. They are very aggressive especially the males and should be kept in large containers with plenty of hiding places. They can reach lengths of up to 7 inches.

    The Blue Florida Crayfish is native to North America; specifically, as its name would suggest, it is found only in Florida. In the wild, Blue Florida Crayfish are usually found in habitats that have distinct wet and dry seasons.

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    Re: Electric Blues

    Every species of crayfish and lobster can be blue. It is one form of albinism. The more common ones are the P. alleni, which is the Florida Blue, the other more common one is P. clarkii, the red swamp caryfish that most people eat in cajun restuarnts.

    P. clarkii is one of the easiest to keep, and is quite hearty. I am experimenting with keeping a pair in one of my tilapia tanks. Mine are orange though, not blue.

    Austrailia has blue crayfish as well. Good eating, and they get much larger than the US species. Many of the blue crays seen in petstores are actually these.
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    Re: Electric Blues

    I have Australian red claws which are also blue.
    I have found them to be temperature sensitive and don't tolerate much of a temperature swing.
    Mine also are not growing as fast as they are reputed to grow, but this could be due to the problems I was having with heating the big tub, since I reduced it to 100 gallons it is easier to heat over the winter and I do not seem to be experiencing losses now.
    I had some that I put 5 each into a basket and added pieces of PVC as they are reported to get along well, but after 3 months I had only 1 big one in one basket and 2 in the other one...

    For me the Jury is still out on the feasability of this one
    Take care and stay safe

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