Hello, I am sure this is not an accepted term, but it is what I calling the system I am brainstorming in my twisted head. I have been doing research on aquaponics for a few years. reading everything I can find on the topic. The problem is that I am looking to develop a system that does not fit into the true box of aquaponics as it is defined. I have an idea that I have experimented with on a very small scale with awesome results, but it does not fit into the typical mold.
What research I have found has been developed around what is typically defined as a traditional aquaponics sytem. My concern with typical system is that it is completely integrated, which seems to be by nature, causing limitations regarding what plant suppliments that can be added without impacting fish environment.
A very small scale sustainable successful experiment I have done in in the past, was to create a dual hybrid system that consisted of growing fish and crayfish in a 25 gal aquarium, and growing container plants, using the draw off of the aquarium water needed to keep fish water stable, and using it to feed the soil based container plants. The fish thrived, and plants grew like they were on steroids. Seriously.
My zany design is this.
A larger scale design of the same concept that is a solar powered setup where the fish are in two 100 gal tanks and the water for fish is only used as runoff water change that feeds the plants that is also augmented by equal amounts of water from rainwater collection. The pull off that feeds the plants is never recycled into the fish environment. Replacement water for the fish environment is pulled off of rainwater collection. This allows me to keep a soil basd plant environment that is enhanced with the benefits of the fish water, but allows me to make amedments to the plants without impacting the fish, and visa verse lets me make changes to the fish environments without compromising the plants. replacement water for the fish would be provided by rainwater and a float switch based on level. The drip feed for container plants would be a dual feed half fish water and half rainwater.

So, Does this sound completely crazy? I appreciate any feedback. Good , Bad, Ugly etc..