My blog regarding enzymes Cheap Healthy Meals: How Do Enzymes Work? How Does Eating Fresh Raw Foods Change Your Digestion Problems Older pets and the elderly might find them particularly beneficial. As we and our pets age, the secretion in the natural juices in your bodies often declines causing our digestive systems to work less effectively. This can bring about gas, bloating, heartburn and stomach discomfort. Younger people and younger pets can also suffer from digestive disorders if they are inside a particularly stressful situation. AST (aspartate aminotransferase), formally called SGOT, could be elevated in heart and muscle diseases and is not liver specific. The normal lab array of AST is 0-45 IU/L, with functional normal (ideal) between 10- 26 IU/L. The best method to turnaround for the damages created by unhealthy diets, is usually to begin changing and upgrading our diets; adding fresh raw foods, and unprocessed foods and also adding digestive enzyme supplements for the diet so the healthy nutrients consumed can be utilised by our systems for energy, muscle growth, mental health, and every one of the other activities for a healthy body. Lacking the appropriate enzymes allows toxins to build up along with harmful undigested materials that could allow certain health issues and illnesses to invade and harm one's body. After the initial attack, the operation of deterioration in the pancreas begins. There is no other organ in the body which has to be able to damage itself comparable to the pancreas. This occurs when inactive digestive support enzymes are activated within the pancreas. This situation gives mind the meltdown of an atomic reactor. If certain parts with the reactor walk out control, it triggers a complete atomic reaction which leads to universal break-down and self-destruction. Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear reactor disasters do understand types of this.