Hoping for some advice from someone who has tried both, Neoprene Collars vs Net Pots with foam inserts. I have been using 2" net pots with foam inserts in my floating rafts for some time now. Not sure what type of foam is used in the standard net pot foam inserts but I think it's closed cell low-density polyethylene foam. It holds up reasonably well for fast growing lettuces and I am able to reuse it for multiple plantings. The foam does become more stiff over time, suffers from compression memory, and allows roots to penetrate it but I have been using the same foam inserts for about a year and they are still serviceable.
I was looking into purchasing new net pots and foam for a new and much larger DWC when I cam across the Neoprene collars. Please correct me if I am wrong but it looks like the neoprene collars will provide more support than the low-density polyethylene foam. Thus eliminating the need for the net pots. I am now wondering if anyone has used these neoprene collars directly inserted into a Styrofoam floating raft without a net pot.
Also wondering how the neoprene collars hold up over time as compared to the polyethylene foam? Do roots penetrate the neoprene as well, does it suffer from the same compression memory, does it hold up reasonably well in the sun, or any other issues you might have noticed.