I have constructed a small (20G tank) aquaponic system at home, and after running it for a few months, I'm ready to do a small rebuild - fixing mistakes from the first go around. One major issue is the grow beds I constructed. On advice from someone with more experience than me, I chose a food grade plastic container (HDPE, I think), and drilled holes in the bottom and sides for plumbing. This material, however, did not hold up well to the drilling. Some cracks are forming that I fear will begin to leak over time. Also, I wasn't able to get perfect seals around the bulkheads (I think the hard twisting I did to get the bulkheads tight caused the cracking), so I have some minor leaks already. I used some silicone to seal the leaks, but silicone does not do well bonding plastic to plastic.

So, I'm looking for suggestions on containers I can use on the next build that will hopefully stand up better to the drilling and bulk- head installation. This is a small in-home set up, so I need to be able to fit the containers in a confined space, and hopefully not spend too much $$ on them.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!