So I've been struggling to find any in-depth information on the specifics. Here's the thing. I got an old Hydroponic kit. It has Pores Clay Spheres, and RockWool that is to be placed within the middle of the spheres. It's about 25 Gal. I got about a 20 gal fish tank, and a decently sized canister filter that can push water up to the Kit.

My questions are. Is this 25 gal tote big enough to house 3 tomato or small pepper plants? And is the 20 gal fish tank big enough to house enough fish to feed them?

Can I use the Clay Spheres and Rockwool as the media bed? I see everyone usually using Media Beds of small rocks in a Rise/Drain System so that the tomatoes don't stay constantly submerged in Water. But is that system really needed?

I hope I can receive some clarity to the questions. These Forums do appear pretty empty.