I just started a new system using an IBC about 6 weeks ago. It's just a cut IBC tank/growbed with goldfish. The plants have grown quickly, but the leaves have been a light color of green. The pH has been around 7, the nitrates a nitrates have been low, as well as ammonia. I added some chelated iron about two weeks ago, then a tablespoon of Epsom salts about a week ago. The new growth is darker, and I have a lot of flowers and little cucumbers. The tomatoes and peppers are not doing as well. My basil looks fine, but I have a couple bean plants that look terrible and are flowering too small. The system is in full sun all morning and until the afternoon. So I was wondering how long the iron and Epsom salts to help, or if I have another problem. There's about 120 gallons of water with about 110 feeder goldfish. I had a system when I lived in Costa Rica for a few years, so I have a little experience.
Thanks for any help or advice. AP is addictive!