Hallo everyone, I'm in the educational phase of aquaphonics and reading up on it and looking at some videos on it and have a basic idea of what it is and how it works.
The idea is brilliant and I also want to get into it.

But I just need to find out something first,
The most systems I have seen works on a tank for the fish or some sort of container.......But my plan originally was to build a fishing pond, that my son could actually fish in, it would be 20x15m in size and 2m deep. Bigger than what I see aquaphonics use.

Now my question comes from this BIG fish tank I want to use,
Can it be done? Will it work?
1. Rain water will obviously get into the pond and system, Is that going to be a huge problem?
2. Will the plants get enough nutrients from this bigger size "tank"?
3. I have seen some aquaphonics system use filter system between the tank and the plants and then others with filter after the plants(before returning to the fish), what is the difference between the two and must there be a filter system?
4. Also staying with the filter, If I loop in a natural swimming pond into the system, would this kill anything? Would the system not work? For example, I have a natural swimming pond, that's already running on a filter. I was thinking of making a small "river" link the fishing pond to the swimming pond(the filtered water from the Swimming pond goes to the Fishing pond. Then pump takes water from bottom of fishing pond to the plants, then from the plants it goes to the swimming ponds filter system and water goes back to the swimming pond. Could this be done?

Thank you all, I think these are my main concerns before beginning this huge project, would like to hear from all the masters/pros here and get some advice and tips on how to make this work,
So I actually have a system that fits in with the family and gives everyone some fun.