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    Comments? Converting CF CHOP to FD CHOP with Worms

    I built a backyard AqP system, based on an IBC Tote and a wooden box lined with a pond liner to create a lava rock-filled Grow Bed. The sump is simply the filter box for the pump. Total size 16' x 4' including a 12' long growbed. Koi and goldfish power the system.

    It worked well for a while, but the dead roots, etc are causing a lot of back up. I tried to raise worms in the growbed, but only a few are surviving in the Continuous Flow system.

    I plan to change to a FLOOD AND DRAIN system, using a high-capacity bell siphon system (several regular bell siphons that are "daisy-chained" together so they start & stop together). The 200 gallon sump will be located below the grow bed.


    • Will the worms flourish in this environment?
    • Will they clean out the pore-spaces and allow free-flowing water?

    Any comments/suggestions you have would be appreciated.


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    When my F/D system started loading up with trash and going bad I started looking at other setups. Found iAVs and have been quite happy with the results for the past couple years.
    A place to start ......
    Google iAVs for more information. IAVs does work as advertised.
    I'd rather be ready 6 months too early than one day too late.

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