Hello guys

Have you hear of dr Elaine Ingham's way of composting?

She says that if you do it in a certain way and grow right microorganisms
and in right numbers you can apply way less compost and have better results.
Then each year you add less and less (compost or organic matter).

Here is her lecture (around 90 minutes):


You guys have maybe heared of this before but I have recently discovered this method of agriculture.
She say that if you have right organisms in the soil they will do all the work needed.
They will decompose organic and inorganic matter, feed the plant, protect it from diseases,
brake the compaction so the roots can go way deeper than they normally would
and the able soil to hold more water. And you achieve that with a good compost.

Then you have to put less and less each year to maintain that biology.

I have posted this on some other forums and some people love it and some are skeptical.

What do you think?
I think I'll give it a try