A BIG shout out to begin with !!

I am krishna, living in birmingham, originally from Hyderabad, India. I have recently come across aquaponics and amazed by the natural closed loop system of agriculture (I see it this way bcoz I am an automotive controls engineer, testing closed loop systems everyday ) !

I would like to deploy a rooftop system for my parents back in India when I visit there in a couple of months and also try one simple system in my UK home next summer.. So I am here to interact with fellow enthusiasts and gain knowledge, insights and suggestions to build my own system in two different geographies !

I am only worried about the time I have during my short 3 week vacation to India when I want to set this up for my parents on their rooftop so they can eat healthy & fresh. I will be glad to receive any help from members already in Hyd who have experimented/using aquaponics or some guides to set it up myself in India