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    Do I need a water filter?

    The water where I live is quite bad, I have an undersink reverse osmosis system for myself.

    Am I going to need to filter the water for my aquaponics system? I dunno, I'm new to all this! I wouldn't want to kill my fish with whatever chemicals are in my water supply.

    If so, would a whole house style water filter installed in-line with the pipe work well enough? Something like one of these water filters, most likely the 5-stage ispring since it's cheapest

    Sorry if this is a dumb question and thanks for your help!

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    Good Morning J98

    So where do you live & what makes you water so bad?

    I live in Phoenix, AZ. and have a 700 gal system. For the most part I use rain water, the fish love it & I add an Iron supplement for the plants.

    For more info check out my main site "Pipe Siphon by Apollo".

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    Before you buy an expensive water filter you should really get your water tested. Knowing exactly what is in your water makes finding an effective solution much easier. You can find a certified local laboratory for your state here. Water quality test kits are available for you to do it yourself, but they aren't as accurate as a laboratory.
    With regards to the whole house water filters that you mention, you can see how these systems compare at this website. The iSpring WGB32PB is a great option for well water supplies. But, if you are served by municipal/city water then a carbon based filter is better to remove the chlorine. The Aqua-Pure AP903 is pretty good at this and it doesn't break the bank.

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    The most common type of water purifierís are Reverse Osmosis (RO) and UV water purifiers from Livpure. It is assumed that Livpure RO water purifiers are better than the UV purifiers. RO gives high level of purification while the UV purifier are combined with various forms of filtration as UV light can kill bacteria and viruses.

    The big question is, how to choose a water purifier? Well, it should depend on the drinking water of your locality. If the water has more ions, then you should buy a Livpure RO. A Livpure RO is noise free and has inbuilt Total Dissolved Salt (TDS) control and if the minerals are low then you can opt for a Livpure UV purifier.

    Livpure Ro Service Center | Livpure Ro Price

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