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    Do I need a water filter?

    The water where I live is quite bad, I have an undersink reverse osmosis system for myself.

    Am I going to need to filter the water for my aquaponics system? I dunno, I'm new to all this! I wouldn't want to kill my fish with whatever chemicals are in my water supply.

    If so, would a whole house style water filter installed in-line with the pipe work well enough? Something like one of these water filters, most likely the 5-stage ispring since it's cheapest

    Sorry if this is a dumb question and thanks for your help!

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    Good Morning J98

    So where do you live & what makes you water so bad?

    I live in Phoenix, AZ. and have a 700 gal system. For the most part I use rain water, the fish love it & I add an Iron supplement for the plants.

    For more info check out my main site "Pipe Siphon by Apollo".

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    You can consult a water filter provider company because to my knowledge using reverse osmosis can be used for anything.

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