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I need your help! Friends I have written a book Book "How To Become Happy" its finally here at least in PDF form and I am working on getting it formatted for Kindle and then hard copy. Please share this with all you know. Click below on the video and get the details. We want to create a demonstration site for a new way of living and cannot do it alone. Please share and make this go viral. And ask any questions. Thanks for your help.

Here is the gofundme campaign to create a model for a new society.

The plan is to create a demonstration site. A light on a hill of you will. We have sold our house for seed money to help jump start this endeavor however we still need your help to make it happen. The Term “Permaculture is derived from Permanent Agriculture. However we are taking it further so here it means “Permanent Culture”
that is sustainable and can endure for a thousand years or more.

Immediate Goals:

1. Help others become happy and positive by giving them the book; The Books of Life Volume I; “How to Become Happy”.
2. Acquire the land to build the demonstration site.
3. Plant lots of trees to production such a fruit and nuts, also from oaks and pines, to Chestnut etc.
4. Acquire equipment such as backhoe, or track-hoe and loader etc. to prepare the land as described below.
5. Acquire alternative energy equipment such as solar, wind, or hydro etc. as applicable for the land.
6. Build and or retrofit housing and facilities such as teaching/community/healing center.
7. Set up an alternate trading/gifting center
8. Build or retrofit a “Rip Rap” Library with 3D printer and other tools for community use.
9. Build an alternative bio fuels plant.

Thanks for your support