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    Including a YouTube video in a post!

    If you would like to include a Youtube video in your post, it could not be simpler. All you need is the video code, which is found after the "v=". So let us say for example you would like to post the Youtube video of "Trouble FREE Bell Syphon - Automatic Siphon Aquaponics Flood & Drain Beds". You first need to grab the URL, which in this case is "". So you need to copy and paste the code after the "v=" which in this case is "CXaruS5z_Xc".

    Next click on the "YouTube icon". . When you click on it code will appear in your post.


    You next need to post your code between the code. [Y0UTUBE]CXaruS5z_Xc[/Y0UTUBE].

    If done correctly, you will get the following in your post when posted.

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