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    Including a YouTube video in a post!

    If you would like to include a Youtube video in your post, it could not be simpler. All you need is the video code, which is found after the "v=". So let us say for example you would like to post the Youtube video of "Trouble FREE Bell Syphon - Automatic Siphon Aquaponics Flood & Drain Beds". You first need to grab the URL, which in this case is "". So you need to copy and paste the code after the "v=" which in this case is "CXaruS5z_Xc".

    Next click on the "YouTube icon". . When you click on it code will appear in your post.


    You next need to post your code between the code. [Y0UTUBE]CXaruS5z_Xc[/Y0UTUBE].

    If done correctly, you will get the following in your post when posted.

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    Bell Siphon 101,

    Use a 4 inch diameter shroud to be able to put hand in and clean out roots, do not use round holes in the shroud as the media will plug them (especially round media like Hydroton, AKA "LECA") and cut the top horizontal slit (as shown in the above video) in the shroud for the height of the bottom of your desired cycle level; and make it at least 2 inches above the bottom of the grow bed so as not to suck up sediment. Throw away the "vacuum chamber" shown in the video, as the shroud becomes your bell housing by placing a wetted rubber cap (via Home Depot etc) on top of the shroud. This does away with extra components and eliminates the tube on the side of the bell that tends to get plugged up preventing the siphon from working properly, or at all. You can remove the steel clamp that comes with the rubber clamp as it is not needed.

    Place an Affnan funnel on top of the stand pipe to facilitate siphon initiation. Adjust the stand pipe plus Affnan funnel length for maximum water height, which is one inch below top of media. Make sure the shroud cap is only about an inch above the Affnan funnel by cutting the shroud to the proper length. This reduces the size of the air pocket inside the shroud/bell aiding in siphon operation and is high enough not to interfere with the water flow during siphon. Use a threaded to slip adapter for the stand pipe to bulkhead interface so you can easily remove the stand pipe for root cleaning. You might need to sand the bottom of the stand pipe a little for easy removal.

    For siphon internal cleaning pop off the cap and remove the stand pipe by pulling it out. To manually break siphon just lift the cap.

    I have spent hundreds of hours over the last several years building and testing different bell siphons while attempting to improve on the the above design without success. We have shipped many grow beds using this bell siphon design and have never had a problem with them. They have a good flow range of about 2:1 while continuing to work.

    I am giving you this bell siphon information as we have currently shifted over to and only use loop siphons. They provide more growing area but they were tricky to design and have work in our grow bed design. Once these design problems were overcome we found the loop siphon to have an almost 2.5:1 flow range and still siphon properly plus provide a fast cycle time.


    ps, LECA = Light Expanded Clay Aggregate.
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