First of all, sorry for my hiatus, life has been happening. On the bright side however I have finally reaped the fruits of my labor. We have been enjoying the fresh lettuce and celery, the only crops I don't kill, since the beginning. Last night when I was asked what I was making for dinner I said "Fred and fries". Boy I got some strange looks. She went out for some errands and I filleted "Fred" and sautéed him in a little olive oil and butter. Wow! Either it is biased taste buds or controlling the fishes habitat makes all the difference in the world. Nice clean taste and a tender texture. They better start breeding or I'm going to have an empty tank in 20 more meals. Realistically this has been fun, but not profitable. That was probably the most expensive fish dinner I have had, but I will continue on experimenting with becoming a better farmer and raising great tasting fish. Have a great day!