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    I have got a 75 gal. tank to use as a breeding/nursery tank. I want to move one lucky guy and three girls into the tank for an orgy of sorts. I have 23 Tilapia in my main 150 gal. tank. I picked the biggest fish for my main man. This was easy as the boys supposedly grow bigger and faster than the girls. After a few tries I got the big guy and inspected him. Best I could tell just the single tiny hole and no half moon slot. After many tries looking for girls, I know I have at least one because of past babies, I have yet to get a partner caught.

    My question is, with all this catching and releasing, probably some of them twice, how stressed am I making the fish? The last thing I want to do is kill them trying to separate some. The only way to sort them is to catch and inspect but they all look alike before you catch them. Any ideas and advice?

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    Re: Stress

    Hi Rodger, from my experience...the 'blue' tilapia are pretty tough fish.

    I help a guy raise them commercially. I catch them every 10 days and check for fry and/or eggs. Yeah, they get a little stressed, but shortly after doing it, they are ready to eat again.

    One time, a buddy and I were transporting some large ones in a 55 gallon barrel. He thought I tightened the ratchet strap..and I thought he did. On the second turn, the barrel rolled and they fell out on the road... We tossed them back in the empty barrel, went back to my place and added water. They lived and had a great story to tell their little fry...

    It's not 100%... but often, you can pick out the males by the rear fin being reddish. Once they are in a glass learn their behavior and that helps too.
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    Re: Stress

    Fill a large container with water, inspect and place non-selected ones in the bucket until you find what you are looking for, then return the ones in the bucket to their home. Don't forget to cover the bucket or they will jump out.
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