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    DWC Biofiltration, mineralization, and sump

    I will soon be setting up a series of DWC beds.
    A few questions about DWC that i cant find clear answers for regarding water flow.

    Can i use my sump tank as a mineralization tank as well by adding an air stone to increase DO?
    Would it be acceptable for me to flow water from fish tank -> swirl filter -> mineralization/sump -> bed?
    Is the sump tank necessary at all? if so what volume of tank would i need for a DWC bed of 1000L matched with a fish tank of 1000L?

    Finally how do i know how big of a swirl filter to build, ive been reviewing this guide on building one, would this be sufficient size for a 1000L tank with average stocking density? ... rl-filter/

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    Re: DWC Biofiltration, mineralization, and sump

    Where are you planning on putting your pump?

    I used a 55 gal drum with a removable lid to build my "Whirlpool Filter / Fry Catcher", my total water volume is about 900 gals. I did check out the web site that you posted...way to confusing for me to follow.

    My filter seems to do everything I needed to keep my GB's from loading up, FT water is crystal clean and on top of that it catches my fry's so they don't contaminated my GB's.

    Not sure what a DWC bed is, but a sump is useful to reduce stress on your fish by keeping the FT at a constant level.
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    Re: DWC Biofiltration, mineralization, and sump

    Since Deep Water Culture (DWC) stays at a constant water level you could do away with a sump. But, without any grow bed media, you will need a bio filter. You could run from your fish tank into a swirl filter, than into your bio filter, with the pump in the bio filter. The bio filter will still act more or less like a sump also. Then the water gets pumped to your grow beds and flows back into your fish tank.

    Disclaimer: I am still working on setting up my own system and do not have any direct knowledge beyond my experience as a piping engineer.

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    Re: DWC Biofiltration, mineralization, and sump

    Here again, I explain that the "SUMP" is not a resavoir although it can be used as one. The sump goes between the F/T and the Filtration system. It's purpose is to slow the flow of water to allow uneaten food and particulates to settle to the bottom to keep them out of the filtration system and growbeds.
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