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    So much to learn, where to start? Filter media?

    Wow I have lots to. Learn. We have experience with hydroponics and actually produce about 300 heads of lettuce a month.

    We want a practice aquaponic system with plans to enlarge it once we have the practice out of the way.

    I have 2 150 gallon tanks I intend to use as fish tanks. I want to start with 1 but build my swirl separator and bio filter large enough to use later when I add the second. I was thinking of using 55 gallon or 35 gallon drums for the bio and swirl. What I don't know is what media I should use in the filter? I was thinking about bio balls and floor scrubber filters. I am however trying to keep this cheap. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Back to this tanks are up and supporting 10 goldfish each. Trying to get filtration and grow beds attached. Planning a sediment filter, swirl filter and a bio filter before returning to the grow beds.

    Look at buy wheelbarrow this is awesome

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