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    Dissolved oxygen... to the process of aquaponics but decided to experiment this year. I've researched all I can find but still have a couple of questions. Pardon me for my ingnorance...I'm trying to learn.

    There is not a ton of information (that I can find) on the issue of dissolved oxygen in fish tanks. Maybe it's such a non-issue that not much needs to be discussed. Now, I have read Oliver 101 from stem to stern and he mentions it in several posts, but I still have questions.

    I have the typical IBC tote set up. 3cft of grow bed, 12cft of fish tank. I'm to the point where I will be introducing catfish fingerlings in about 2-3 weeks. My drain pipe to fish tank water level is about 15 inches at start of syphon to 4 inches at completion. My edd and flow cycles about 3 times an hour. Am I introducing enough oxygen into my fish tank to reach that minimum of 6ppm?

    If I need to add an aerator I was looking at adding a T to my outflow pipe from the pump and trying a flexible piece of tubing placed into that T which will flow back into my FT using a Venturi affect. I'm not sure if I'm explaining that correctely or not...

    I know that all answers are not concrete, but I was wondering if, at least, I'm moving in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance for your comments,


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    Re: Dissolved oxygen...

    In my can never have enough O2.
    air pumps are cheap
    would love to see pictures of your system
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    Re: Dissolved oxygen...

    Welcome to the forum. Pull up an easy chair, sit back and enjoy the ride. As for oxygen, I second what Aloha Don said. The more movement you can get in the surface area the better.
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