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    Pump losing pressure or another problem?

    Hi, I have a pump that has started shooting water out in spurts. It is a 24 Watt, 7 foot max height submersible pump that I've been using on aquaponics systems for 6 months. I switched from one aquaponics system to another about 2 months ago. It was running fine until last night until it started spurting (in between spurts of water, it's shooting out air). If I remove the pump from the system and test it, it works fine. I hadn't changed anything in the system. I went through it now and checked and reset all the connections and lowered the height level from about 5.5 feet to 4.5 feet. It still continues spurting. When I ran the pump by itself I couldn't tell if it was performing normally or at less pressure than previously. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Pump losing pressure or another problem?

    Is the pump positioned differently, so that it can suck in small air bubbles now or so that small bubbles can collect inside the pump?
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    Re: Pump losing pressure or another problem?

    My submersible pump has a filter in it that needs to be removed and cleaned on a routine basis. If I go to long the pressure and volume reduce. You may be experiencing cavitation which would give the impression of surging. Not sure about your pump but check for a filter or some restriction to the inlet of the pump.
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    Re: Pump losing pressure or another problem?

    I'm a newby to AP, but have some experance with constructon "trash" pumps. If this is a submersable, I would look a the entire suction side, pipes, filters, for any kind of restriction. Or even the inlet too close to the bottom. If it is not a sub. again suction side. Put some FT water in a spray bottle and spray liberaly around all fittings and watch for the pump to quit cavatating. The water will seal the air leak, for a few seconds and you will know which fitting needs to be resealed. Best to you!

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    Re: Pump losing pressure or another problem?

    What happened with your pump?
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    Re: Pump losing pressure or another problem?

    Just a side note I had two pumps start surging when I finally pulled them apart it turned out to be a film of bio slime in the impeller area once cleaned never had any more issue.

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