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    Re: Lets talk about Organic Certification a bit!

    That would be a die-hard Non-existent!
    At what point did our government cease to be of the people, by the people, and for the people?

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    Re: Lets talk about Organic Certification a bit!

    Is that the party or the candidate
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    Re: Lets talk about Organic Certification a bit!

    I think "organic" (as it currently exists) is a joke... the "standards" have been so perverted & convoluted that the word barely has meaning any more.

    BUT... I do have to admit that 99% of the people that I talked to about aquaponics (our city council, the water & utility commission, potential customers, etc) say "Oooh, organic vegetables???"

    So, I think there is some dollar/marketing value in being able to claim "organic"... but it's probably less value than the cost of actually being certified as organic.
    It's all about the fish, dude.

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    Re: Lets talk about Organic Certification a bit!

    I think that the word "Aquaponic" is plenty good for people to accept your product as premium. I would not get the cert.I agree with Badger that as soon as people hear about how things are grown they say ' Organic'.
    You don't need to pay or deal with 'OG' people to have a top market price. The product will sell at the same price.

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    Re: Lets talk about Organic Certification a bit!

    Quote Originally Posted by JCO
    Me, I just like to find a public servant that actually had the best interest of all American at heart and that didn't lie every time they opened their mouth. So which party is that?

    You R asking wayyyyyyy tooooo much!

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