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    Re: The benefits of Duckweed/ or lack of benefits???.

    Your right about the rain. In the desert I would have thought more evaporation and less rainfall would cause more stress on the system.

    I had forgotten about the rain catch you made Apollo.

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    Re: The benefits of Duckweed/ or lack of benefits???.

    Quote Originally Posted by bsfman
    Quote Originally Posted by nadav
    I have read through this thread, and maybe this sounds dumb, but what is wrong with setting up a $3 plastic kid pond that I can buy at walmart and adding some water and duckweed, in a space of 3x3? Every 2 days, I scoop out some duckweed and supplement the diet of the fish. If I bought commercial feed, even $1 or $2 worth, I have to actually come up with $2. This way, I just scoop it up, plop it in, and come back in 2 days for some more. I don't mean it as a miracle food, but simply to lower my over all cost of feeding my growing fish. How does this not make sense to do?
    Exactly what I do with duckweed. But I have about 50 square feet of surface area I grow it on.
    You use the BSFL effluent correct? I sent you a message about that if you wouldn't mind checking your in box.

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    Re: The benefits of Duckweed/ or lack of benefits???.

    Take the plastic kid pond, place it higher than your FT. Take some of your pump water an redirect it into the plastic kid pond using a series of splash down buckets. Then let the water return back to the FT though a non-firing bell siphon, using once again some type of splash down to help aerate your FT water.

    No need to do water exchanges, once set up it's pretty much maintenance free. This plastic kid pond and also be used as a fry nursery, etc.

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    Re: The benefits of Duckweed/ or lack of benefits???.

    For more on duckweed, check out this thread!.

    I can't grow it fast enough to keep up with the demand. A small kiddie pool will grow enough weekly to supply 3 6" Tilapia...maybe.
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    I was considering using it mainly because dad tends to over feed. It was my understanding it consumes Amonia and I figur if he over feeds it they will just eat it tomorrow and not contribute to the ongoing Amonia issues? Is that a laudable use for it?

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