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Thread: Sump pump??

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    Sump pump??

    Hi. New guy here... Not sure how active this forum is, but googling wasn't geting any results so this seemed the next best place. I was just wondering if sump pumps can be used in aquapOnic systems. I read on here that some people do, but I was under the assumption that sump pumps have oil and that fish poop will corrode it away until the oil breaks out into your system and kills all the fish...I am talking about your average pedestal sumpnpumps or like the submersible ones. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Sump pump??

    It's not the best way to go.

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    Re: Sump pump??

    Is there a reason you are specifically wanting to use a sump pump??
    I know people tend to want to use stuff they already have, and I sure understand being short on $$$, and in many instances it works just as well, but in pumps I would be very careful in trying to save money by using something you already have. If you are thinking of using a sump pump or and old jacuzzi pump, etc., you really need to compare the energy use to that of an actual fish tank pump the size you need for your AP system. In many cases the initial cost savings is lost in just a few short months of run time, then it actually starts costing you more.
    I have heard of cases where a person saved $300.00 on a new pump purchase by using an old jacuzzi pump they were able to buy for $25.00, but when they figured the energy usage in a years time the jacuzzi pump cost around $900.00 more to operate. I am not saying some of these pumps will not move the amount of water you want to, it just may not be a real cost savings over time, if that is what you are looking at. The oil issue you mentioned may also come into play, depending on how the pump is made also.
    I would decide on the size system you want, then visit some place like Aquatic Eco Systems and price what the right pump would cost, get the energy use information, and compare the two, before I made a decision to use something not really made for the purpose. Just my opinion!
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    Re: Sump pump??

    If you are thinking sump pump because it has an auto on/off float, you can buy that float switch separately at HD/Lowes' and it will work just the same as a sump pump.
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