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    New Board suggestion, just a suggestion!!

    First of all, Thanks for providing a good resource for us all, in this site. I am new, but am really getting a lot of info. and it is a pleasant site to have discussions on, not hostile as some sites I have visited.
    Now my suggestion for a new board. Everyone loves pictures! How about a Picture Board, where members simply post pictures of their AP systems, Produce, Fish etc.No long discussions of topics, only pictures with a brief description. I know these things can all be done in the other boards, but this one would just be, well kinda to show off members achievements, or give members an opportunity to simply look at pictures and be entertained for a bit. Who knows, someone might even see a picture and peak there interest to visit a new board they have never visited before. Anyway, just a suggestion.

    Again, thanks for the work you do in keeping this site up and running.
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    Re: New Board suggestion, just a suggestion!!

    Thanks for your suggestion, but our picture board is actually already in place. You see, on this forum, the pictures in addition to the member's explanation of what the picture is showing and how they set up whatever the picture is showing is our picture board. If you want to just see pictures of a particular item, there is always Google images for that.

    Thanks again for your suggestion.
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