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    Re: Crappie are picky eaters!!

    The square in the tank is minnow holding tank. My crawdads are in a separate kiddie pool not pictured. I am scared to put to many big ones in the tank with my fish. They fight the catfish for the hiding spots and will kill and eat them.
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    Re: Crappie are picky eaters!!

    It will take a little time but ...raise guppies to feed them.
    Guppies multiply fairly quickly.
    But this takes time and effort too.
    just a thought...
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    Re: Crappie are picky eaters!!

    Breed a tropical fish called a Danio. The zebra danio you can get from walmart for .78 each. These tolerate out door temps during summer in most of the country. I raised them/bred them outside when I was a kid in WA state on the peninsula.

    They breed like crazy. You will have thousands in a few months. Feed those young with they are about 3/4 inch to the crappie......when you add minnows to feed crappie, add your other food too. Eventually they will convert to pellet that way. I have done this with bass and catfish.

    However, live food will always be far superior in feeding than pellet or commercial feed.
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