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9 - Selling/Buying/Trading.Attention: No URLs or advertisements for company/wares selling/being offered for sale are to be posted in any memberís signature. This is the same as spamming with each post that you make.

Contact for your selling activities. Please take the time to read the DIY Forum Rules before posting here. Blatant advertising for your own or other sites and products and/or posts made for that purpose can and will be deleted by a Moderator whenever they deem it necessary. This will also lead to a warning.

Posting links to other sites that clearly answers a question and are appropriate to the discussion are permitted. Posting links to your posts on another site/forum is forbidden. Posting links to other aquaponic forums is forbidden.

Those who wish to advertise their products on this website can find the information needed at

Postings of web site addresses in signatures will only be allowed if it is to your own postings here at DIY.

Posting a web site address in your 'profile' is not allowed under any circumstances.