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    Lettuce DWC spacing

    Hi Guys

    What spacing should be used for lettuce in DWC .... is a 20cm * 20 cm grid appropriate?



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    Re: Lettuce DWC spacing

    Hi Neil. That spacing 'should be' OK for 'most' full size lettuces.

    If your wanting to maximize your number of plants that you can grow....
    Here is one way to do it. Make some of your rafts with holes closer, between 2 and 3 inches (5.1 - 7.6cm)
    Then as the plants grow out, move them to your rafts with holes further apart.

    I start my lettuces in oasis horti-cubes (kind of like rock wool cubes) I leave the seedlings grow, as long as I can, in the cubes before placing the cubes into the ap system.
    One thing to watch, separate the cubes, before too many of the roots start growing into the next cube.
    I bottom water my cubes with ap water.
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