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Thread: My project

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    My project

    Hey all,
    So far I've got my hoop house 18' x 30' up waiting on the 6 mil should be here on Monday,I've got 2 IBC 275 gal tanks tops cut and cleaned ready to go, 2 grow beds built 3'6"x7'x12" with pond liners, pouring footers today for all, ran a 10/2 electric line for a 30 amp panel from garage to HH . I've started a rocket heater in the center of house to use for heat. I've built 4 strawberry towers and ordered strawberry plants. I'm getting there
    Started a small system in house with a 20 gal tank and a 10 gal grow bed w/light after 4 & 1/2 days have 4 tomato, 2 cukes,& 2 beans pop up from seeds to be moved to big house when ready
    This is just a start I've got 5.25 acres don't know where it will take me but, we'll see
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    Re: My project

    SSOOoooooo is your camera broke..????
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    Re: My project

    Repeat after me....Hi, I'm ddbiiz and I'm an aquaponic junkie ... :P
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