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    Well since everyone is talking fishy I was thinking about some local fish I know down the road I might go catch up with and borrow this summer for my second year trying out aquaponics

    Blue gill pee too so what the heck I think I will test them out.
    ""we are what we eat""

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    When I finally set up a large system in a few years I plan to do a mix of bluegill, koi, and goldfish. I am the only person in my family that eats fish. Should make nitrates easier to manage having a more constant supply. Just goldfish in my 150 gallon tank for now....

    First post for me BTW!

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    I caught some wild palm sized bluegill a few years ago and threw them in a tank. They immediately took to fish feed pellets and put on some weight pretty good for the 6 months they were in there. These fish are great for the home producer who does not want to heat their water during the winter. The will reproduce in the tank pretty well from what I hear. I plan to have a much larger system in a few years and start it out with koi/goldfish. then once the fish get large enough to fend for themselves... I will add a lot of bluegill. I am the only person in my family who eats fish. So I will go catch one from time to time. Having a simple/single large tank with a constant supply of poo and nitrates will make managing the system super simple. Having all omnivorous fish will as well.


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