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    Re: Help with connecting pump from sump to tank

    Quote Originally Posted by nickjacob
    Is the Dura Skrim Liner safe?
    Quote Originally Posted by davidstcldfl
    Brand new Dura skrim is considered food grade. Friendly aquaponics in HI has an organic rating, and they use it.
    Quote Originally Posted by nickjacob
    Does anybody have any ideas besides wood and liner that I could get these dimensions from that is chemically safe?
    Make a wood and fiberglass GB...or cement ones.

    Friendly's was the 1st commercial aquaponic farm to get organic certified. They use fiberglass fish tanks and dura skrim liner in their floating raft beds. They say if you use a 'rubber' liner, you will not get organic certified.

    Quote Originally Posted by nickjacob
    I have heard rumors of ...
    Nick, I've done lots of reading here and at other aquaponic forums. Your going to hear one person say...yes, such and such a product is safe. Then your going to hear someone else say 'NO'. Then you'll see people posting links to different studies about 'it' being safe and not being safe. Who are you going to believe...?

    Don't get me wrong Nick. It's great to be concerned about your and your fishes' health.
    I've read some post on the safety topic, where people are 'so out there' about what 'is' safe. That I wonder what their bubble (that they live in) is made from ? Where does their air come from...?

    Using stuff that is for potable water and/or food grade is probably a good bet.
    'Most' seem to think HDPE is 'safer' then LDPE.
    Then there is the question...was the HDPE made with virgin material, not recycled ?...

    If you'd like a really sweet fiberglass system ...send a PM to Stucco. He's a member here. He makes fish tanks and grow beds.
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    Re: Help with connecting pump from sump to tank

    Thank you so much for the help! I am so grateful to have people to back me up on my project. I'm not to good with this stuff yet...In fact I just got interested this summer when I saw it in Toledo, Ohio. I hope to get my system done soon to feed my family. I am only in highschool so any help that I can get really is beneficial to me so thank you guys. Ill get some price ideas from Stucco and If that doesn't work I will probably get an HDPE virgin liner. Thanks again everybody! Nice of you to give your time to me!

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