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    My bluegill have Fin Rot!

    I think I fed my fish a bit too hard before the biofilter had a chance to come up to full capacity and stressed my fish with nitrites and ammonia (not sure because I was too cheap to buy the test kits). I see some products out there (antifungals) that look like they'd work but the local place around here is crazy expensive to buy some treatment.

    I am doing a lot of water changes now to try to reduce the stress on the fish and hopefully stem the spread of the disease.

    Does anyone know of an on-line seller of the sort of antifungal that will cure the dreaded fin rot? Do you treat by the gallon of water in the tank? I have about 1800 gallons and the person at the store I was talking about said I'd probably have to treat 2-3 times to be sure I got it all cleaned up.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: My bluegill have Fin Rot!

    Keep up with the water changes. The only medication I've ever had any success with is PimaFix. You can buy it at petco etc. or at ... atid=11269
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    Re: My bluegill have Fin Rot!

    Our red ear are dying and we don't know whats causing the problem. I don't want to treat the fish with something that will harm the veggies. They have slimy opaque mass on their bodies. Any idea what to buy that I can get locally?

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    Re: My bluegill have Fin Rot!

    salt may help.. sounds like a fungus
    might help with the finrot too,,, but i'm not that familiar with it
    i know salting to 3ppt will help the fish, and won't hurt many plants (but would probably kill cukes and strawbs)
    if you can, isolate them and try to get them up to 6ppt salt
    most "aquarium" meds aren't meant for fish that you plan on eating (there is a warning with pimafix but i'm not familiar with it either... it does say that it's for aquariums only)
    here's the pimafix warning:
    This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Keep out of reach of children. For aquarium use only. Not for human consumption or for fish intended for human consumption.
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    Re: My bluegill have Fin Rot!

    Where is the masses? Are they smaller spots like ich, or large areas like a bacteria infection?

    Before you add meds or try to treat you should determine if you are dealing with bacteria or fungus, etc.

    Pics would help too. Doesn't have to be high quality pic, just a pic.
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