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    Re: Making a vegetable mold

    Quote Originally Posted by nachomx
    hello bsfman...

    I saw your post and it's amazing!!...too many bucks between 88 dlls and 10 bucks at home depot for the plexiglass!!...

    i tried couple of times your method but I dont get youhave a video or more photos for details??
    where can I watch heart shape molds??...

    No videos, but some pics. I'll collate them with a "how to" narrative and post in the next couple of days.

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    Re: Making a vegetable mold

    Very cool.

    Using a heat gun to just heat the area that bends is what I usually do. I heat both sides and then bend the plastic over the edge of a sharp table or counter top. I suppose on such a small mold, it could be pretty hard to heat just the bend though.

    Awesome idea for my next project, although I still have two more grow beds to build first.

    I wish my cucumbers were doing as well as yours.
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    Re: Making a vegetable mold

    You can buy them at at reasonable prices, they are on ebay also

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    where did you get the heater strip?

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