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    Solar powered pump?

    Is anyone using solar power only for their system. I'm thinking the battery bank wouldn't need to be that large for the pump. Am I wrong?? I would think you could even have a backup on a standby circuit. I need to be edumacated.

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    Re: Solar powered pump?

    I'm actually very interested in a similar concept. We get brown/blackouts here occasionally and there and I wanted to make sure my system stays running. They sell 12v pumps or you can get a 12v battery bank and use a converter to run it. I saw a system that runs on 110v outlet power when available and switches to the 12v via a relay when the main power goes out. Maybe in 2013 when funds permit I'll put a plan into motion and document the build. It's essential for me to have one in the summer time if a hurricane hits the area I could lose it all without one and running a generator isn't a cheap option. My plan was to put only one small pump and one air pump on the bank so hopefully a couple days would be had with just a couple of batteries. I am also going to try and see what golf cart shops have in terms of old batteries. I have heard some sell them cheap but I know most places charge a core so I would think they wouldn't give to many away for cheap. Refresh the batteries and they should be good enough to serve the purpose.

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